Why will the UK be the market leader in 2022? | Oldypak Capital lp

We’ve already talked about the reasons why the UK will lead the global real estate market during the pandemic. Now it’s time to talk about the drivers that will ensure the UK’s market leadership in 2021-2022. First, let’s understand for which categories of investors British real estate in the next two years will be the most attractive. First and foremost these are:

Foreigners traveling to the country on a work visa
Students of all categories
Businessmen who have decided to enter the British market
Immigrants seeking political asylum

Oldypak Capital lp

It is these groups of people, according to most experts, British homes and apartments will be needed more than any others. If by the middle of 2021 the authorities of the UK will be able to finally extinguish the pockets of coronavirus and go to a normal mode of work and life, the cost of the most sought-after residential real estate will creep up. This will be facilitated by the growing domestic and foreign demand for residential apartments.

At the same time, the growth of rates in other European countries is likely to be slowed by the general economic instability prevailing now in the EU.

Oldypak Capital lp

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