The leader has already been identified – real estate in UK 2021-2021 | Oldypak Capital lp

For example, market analysts believe that in a year the UK will become the absolute leader in foreign investment in the residential and commercial property sectors. This is evidenced by the statistics obtained by researchers of the British economy over the past five years. Even during the difficult years associated with the exit from the European Union, the UK has not stopped developing and has set itself ambitious goals. Therefore, immediately after Brexit, the country made a qualitative economic leap.

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The situation was gradually improving not only in the economy and mid-range property market, but also in the premium segment. As a result, over the past six months the increase in residential real estate prices in England ranged from 1.5% to 3%. It seems that once the pandemic is over and the housing market has stabilized, the growth of prices for square footage in this country will continue.

Other favorites in the race
The investment race, which does not stop even during the all-European quarantine, attracts the most serious players in the real estate market. Predictions regarding the economic situation in the EU and the world after the quarantine are contradictory. Some researchers say that there will be no winners, others predict a change of market leaders in investment.

Of course, changes in the economic situation following Europe’s exit from quarantine are inevitable. However, no radical changes are likely to happen. The countries that managed to provide themselves with a financial safety cushion (Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, etc.) will remain among the main contenders for economic leadership after the epidemic. A rough ranking of European countries that will strengthen their investment attractiveness (i.n.) in 2021 is likely to be as follows.

Oldypak Capital lp
Oldypak Capital lp
Oldypak Capital lp

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