Unquestionable liquidity – the UK property market of 2022 | Oldypak Capital lp

So what happens to the liquidity of the rest of British real estate? During both the Brexit years and the COVID-19 pandemic, demand for residential, industrial and commercial properties in the United Kingdom did not fall. There were periods of price freezes, but they were never long and ended, as a rule, with a new burst of activity by buyers and sellers of local properties. So, the most liquid UK properties are today in the following cities:


Oldypak Capital lp

Another surge of interest in residential and business properties in the UK was noted in July 2020. Experts immediately associated the rush in the market with the effect of pent-up demand, that is the arrival to the market of long-waiting investors. The pandemic has really sharply increased the number of frustrated buyers and sellers of square meters, but it also gave them an opportunity to look around and clearly define their priorities.

As soon as the strict quarantine phase was lifted, the British property market literally exploded with inquiries, which automatically triggered an increase in rates. In July 2020 alone, British mid-priced real estate rose in value by 5%. At the same time the prices of London offices rose by 3%. Experts predict that the rise in prices will continue, at least until early 2021.

Oldypak Capital lp

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