Downtown offices and suburban housing – the U.K. real estate market of 2022 | Oldypak Capital lp

The new market reality that emerged during the COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on the preferences of people planning to invest in UK property. Whereas before the spring of 2020, investors mainly focused on the liquidity of a particular property, after the quarantine, buyers became more interested in the size of the premises, the living/working conditions in them, as well as their location. Realtor companies had to respond quickly to the new trend by organizing all their activities according to it.

Oldypak Capital lp

It is safe to say that the main trend in the British housing market in late 2020 – early 2021 will be the purchase of spacious country property. During the sudden onset of lockdowns (i.e. strict self-isolation) most people want to have a safe haven from the outside world. Therefore, large country mansions with a properly organized workplace are now more popular than ever. Britons by nature are lovers of home atmosphere, and now fate itself gives them the opportunity to build a career and earn money without leaving the confines of their household.

At the same time, business life in Greater London and other commercial areas of the United Kingdom did not stop during the pandemic either, although it became slightly less active. Office space continues to be in demand in the center of the British capital, which is essentially the intellectual center of global business. There is a shortage of vacant manufacturing space, which stimulates the work of developers, whose restrictions on activities, even during the strict quarantine, were quite lenient.

Oldypak Capital lp

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